Bursary Scheme

One of the aims of BMM, along with encouraging people to listen to music and make music, is to raise money which can be spent facilitating music making.

Bursary Certificate

We wanted to encourage and help local children develop their musical skills and love of music.  So in 2017, after discussions with the Head of Music at John Taylor High School (JTHS), we decided to devote some of the money we raised to award bursaries to individual pupils to enable them to pay for music lessons thereby further developing their talent.

Since we began in 2014 we had been extremely lucky to be supported by a very talented accompanist Pam Pryce. Very sadly Pam died early in 2017 and with the permission of her family it was agreed to offer these bursaries, inspired by her memory, to local students who have shown special musical talent.  Pam had done much to encourage young musicians, working with a range of groups and individuals in Barton and beyond.  It was felt a very fitting tribute to a much respected and greatly missed friend of Barton Music Makers.

Three students were put forward by the Head of Music for the 2017/2018 school year and after being interviewed by BMM committee members all were awarded bursaries which paid for their piano lessons and drum lessons.

The recipients, Jacob Newton, Connor Kirke and Ben Revill,  have also performed in BMM concerts giving them valuable experience of public performance and providing members and the wider community with the chance to see and hear how our fundraising is being used.

Bursary awards for 2018

Bursary Awards 2018

At the AGM on 11 October six bursary certificates were presented by Doug  Pryce to this year’s winners.

Two pupils from TRJS - Caitlin and Elsie were each given a bursary of £180 which will cover the costs of musical tuition and hire of the instrument for the current academic year to enable them to continue developing their talent playing the clarinet.

Four pupils from JTHS - Elizabeth, Grace, Harry and James were each given a bursary of £300 to pay for individual musical tuition to further develop their skills. Elizabeth plays piano and violin (but is also self-taught on saxophone and guitar); Grace plays piano; Harry plays the flute; James plays piano and violin.

We hope the pupils will be able to play at our Christmas or Summer Concerts.