Bursary Scheme

One of the aims of BMM, along with encouraging people to listen to music and make music, is to raise money which can be spent facilitating music making. 

Bursary Certificate

In 2017, after discussions with the Head of Music at John Taylor High School (JTHS), we decided to devote some of the money we raised to award bursaries of £300 to individual pupils to enable them to pay for music lessons thereby further developing their talent. These are inspired by the memory of our first very talented accompanist Pam Pryce who was with us at the beginning of BMM and had done much to encourage young musicians.  She sadly died in 2017 and it was felt a very fitting tribute to a much respected and greatly missed friend of Barton Music Makers.

In 2018 we expanded our bursary scheme to include Thomas Russell Junior School awarding bursaries of £180 for pupils playing the clarinet.  The funds will pay for instrument hire and tuition to develop their playing.

In 2019 we extended our investment in musical development with a donation to Thomas Russell Infants' School. Last year we were able to provide Thomas Russell Infants School with £500, as part of our Bursary Scheme, to purchase a wealth of percussion instruments. Owing to Covid-19 no formal presentation could not take place.

However, we were delighted to be invited to the school assembly on Friday, 15th July to make a formal presentation. The children filed in to the hall in total silence - you could hear a pin drop! It was great to see all those smiling faces and some pupils from Year 2 came forward to hold a selection of the instruments and the certificate from Barton Music Makers. The instruments have been divided into three year group collections and will be used most if not every week. I am sure you will agree this is a great use of our funds!

Mrs Lauren Sutton, the teacher with particular responsibility for music at the school, said they really were most grateful to Barton Music Makers as they have little support for music and our gift will make a real difference. Two members attended a short concert at the end of Autumn term 2022 where the children enjoyed showing their skills with the chime bars.

Bursary certificates are presented at the Annual General Meeting each year.

Our awards to date

John Taylor High School

In 2023-24 three bursaries awarded to Jack (drums), Rosie (clarinet) and Eleanor (clarinet).

In 2021-2022 three bursaries were awarded to Anna (piano), Chloe (clarinet) and Molly (piano).

In 2020-21 four bursaries were awarded to James (piano), Jean Marc (tenor saxophone), Lucy (singing- musical theatre), and Mayah (guitar).

In 2019-20 four bursaries were awarded to Ellie (classical singing), Harriet  (flute), Jessica (clarinet) and Sarah (singing). They have performed at a concert.

In 2018-19 four bursaries were awarded to Elizabeth (piano and violin), Grace (piano), Harry (flute) and James (piano and violin).  They have all played at one or more of our events.

The 2017-18 three bursaries were awarded to Ben (piano), Jacob (drums) and Connor (violin).  They have performed in BMM concerts gaining valuable experience of public performance and providing members and the wider community with the chance to see and hear how our fundraising is being used.

Thomas Russell Junior School

In 2019-20 three bursaries for the clarinet were awarded to Connie, Ellisia  and Harry.

In 2018-19 two bursaries for the clarinet were awarded to Caitlin and Elsie. Caitlin performed at our 2019 summer concert.

Thomas Russell lnfants’ School

In 2020-2021 we purchased a wide range of percussion instruments totalling £499.46.

In 2018-2019 we purchased 15 sets of 8 chime bars for use across the school at a cost of £322.20.