Since our inception we have sought to encourage and support others to make and enjoy music by donating any profit from the events we organise.   Both BMM concerts and those by other performers that we organise in Barton Village Hall, are always well attended and enable us to pass on the pleasure we gain by investing in equipment or projects for others.

Initially we made donations to two different organisations, namely Royal School for the Deaf, Derby (RSDD) and Sound Creation Advancing Learning and Education for special needs (SCALE) which enabled them to buy musical instruments and allied equipment.   We have continued with our fundraising events and are currently supporting an organisation which designs, adapts and builds equipment for one handed musicians (OHMI). Visit Charitable Giving for further details.

We have since extended our giving by developing a bursary scheme for village students.

We are proud as a group that our love of music and the popularity of the events we organise have enabled us to make these outstanding donations to charities.  A considerable achievement.

Concerts and Social Events Funds raised for Total of donation
2014-16 RSDD - Royal School for the Deaf Derby £3930.08
2016-17 SCALE - Sound Creation Advancing Learning and Education for special needs £2610.00
2017-21 OHMI – One Handed Musical Instrument Trust £5818.20
  Bursary Fund  
2017-24 John Taylor High School £6300.00
2018-20 Thomas Russell Junior School £840.00
2018-21 Thomas Russell Infant School £821.66
2020-23 Royal British Legion - Poppy Appeal £200.00
2014-24 TOTAL FUNDS RAISED £20,519.94